With spam email flooding the internet beyond a saturation point; actions are being taken by ISP and webmail servers, to tighter email filtering system in order to prevent clients from receiving junk emails in their Inbox. Though, experts believe that it is really difficult or beyond control of the human to block even 10% of the spam emails that flood up the inbox but spam filter mechanism available with email service providers, can make it possible as it has the competence to mark the non-legitimate messages and send them to the junk folder and help webmail users to check their important emails easily and reply for the same.

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As it is widely declared with the resolution of CAN-SPAM ACT getting passed by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2003 that internet email system is a non-conforming delivery protocol that clearly specifies about no guarantee of email escalated by the sender to the particular recipient will be delivered successfully. People, generally have a false perception about the email been successfully delivered to a particular recipient if they do not receive undelivered message notice back in their inbox. But, the fact is that ISPs and webmail server, filters each and every mail without returning undeliverable message that is sent back only when a sender provides a wrong email address at their end while escalating composed message to a particular recipient access their webmail server or through email client application.

Does the Same Rule Apply While Sending Emails at Yahoo Webmail Server?

Yes, the same rule applies to Yahoo email server. Being, a worldwide portal and one of the reputed search engines that also offer webmail services that include superlative features and amazing functionalities is quite strict about implementing spam filter technology that makes its webmail server popular and updated as per the resolution passed by Federal trade commission in 2003. This rule also applies even if the message is sent from one Yahoo email account to other Yahoo email address which is quite obvious as rule is made for all web mail servers and Yahoo mail even cannot consider itself an exception.


Yahoo web mail server considers below-mentioned factors that determine mailer’s overall reputation when it comes to receiving emails from another end:

· The reputation of IP address tells the whole story.

· URL reputation is one of the top criteria to consider with https:// or http:// found in it.

· Domain reputation is determined by its name.

· Sender reputation gives a webmail server complete idea about his/her profile.

· ASN reputation.

· DKIM signatures.

· Domain-based message authentication reporting.

Things to be considered for improving message delivery to Yahoo Inbox:

· Users, who have marked your emails as spam need to be opted out from the contact list.

· Do make a regular check to your email streams that depend on your content type

· Emails with DKIM signatures are considered safe to be escalated by senders to the recipient.


· Avoid sending same content multiple people at a time as that mail has a huge probability to land in the spam folder.

· Your Email traffic should be regulated and avoid spike of messages that can lead to the marking of the specific email address or IPS address as compromised and all the messages get accumulated in the spam folder of the recipient.

With absence of Yahoo technical support phone number or email recovery number on the internet, users are unable to get in touch with Yahoo techies and ask for the assistance to improve message delivery in Yahoo account of recipients who generally complain about not receiving emails in their inbox as it is getting accumulated in spam or junk folder. But they can send their issues at the email address of Yahoo Customer Support Phone Number and avail solution for the issues they are facing.

Or dial toll-free number

+1 -844-773-9313 (US/CANADA)

+44 - 800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)